Nova Defense Systems Kenpo Karate

We talk about control at class…a lot.  But why?  Why is it so important?  Because you have power.  I’m not talking about super strength like in the movies.  This is real.  Even the littlest of our martial artists has power.  What power do you have?  The power to hurt another human being.

You can break a knee or an elbow…or a neck.  We teach you to poke out an eye or traumatize a muscle, so an attacker doesn’t keep coming after you.  But at the end of the day, you have the choice whether you use it on someone that is truly trying to hurt you–or whether you use it on your friend that made you mad.  Of course, we teach you to only use your skills as a last resort.  Of course, you are to never use this on a parent or a sibling or your child or a friend.  But what if you’re really mad at them?  What if they really hurt your feelings, or made fun of you, or called your sister names, or _____?  It doesn’t matter.  You need to maintain your control.

It is never okay to hurt someone because you’re mad at them.

Whether with words or fists or feet or fingers, it is never okay to hurt someone because your mad. Period.  You have great power.  To borrow from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility.

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