Our Student Creed begins with this statement that includes the word develop:

I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and to avoid anything that would reduce my physical development or mental growth.

The word develop indicates a process that doesn’t happen overnight.  Changes for positive or negative take time and are created in the daily choices we make.  What habits are you developing today?  How can we support you in your developing of a new skill?

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The majority of events that happen to us in life are outside of our control.  The only thing we can control is ourselves. I control my response.  Only I control my effort.  I am in charge of my body.  Only I control my attitude.  What I do with those is completely within my control.  What will you choose to do, be, and say today?

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It’s back to school time!  As we jump back in to extra activities, our usual routines, homework, and school year commitments, we must be careful to budget our time well.  There are a couple different ways to do that.  First, you must plan.  If you know that you won’t have as much time on Tuesday to work on your project for Wednesday, then be sure to get it done on Monday.  Another tip to budget your time well is to put first things first.  Work is more important than TV time, so get chores and homework done first.  Then reward yourself with some relaxation and fun time! As you grow, the same principles apply to a money budget: plan and prioritize.

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Frustration happens.

Or does it?  You learn a new skill.  It’s hard and you don’t get it instantly, so you experience frustration with yourself. We learn new information, but we don’t remember it all next week when we’re asked to recall it.  Do you get frustrated?  Or do you allow yourself some grace, laugh it off and review the information again…therefore learning it better and taking it to a deeper level in your brain.  It is not possible to learn every skill, idea, and concept in its entirety the first time we are exposed to it.  I’d go so far as to say that we are not stretching ourselves if something new isn’t a little difficult the first time we’re exposed to it.

Hard things happen.  Frustration doesn’t have to.  We choose our response.  Always.


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Excellence is the habit of striving and performing more than “just enough.”

Excellence is not perfection.  Perfection is not attainable, but excellence is. We maintain excellence by continually put forth effort to go beyond the standard or minimum that has been set.  It’s going beyond the minimum to create something superb and extraordinary.  An example that is currently taking place is the 2016 Olympics in Rio.


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Congratulations to Aidan, Fred, Emily, and Annette on passing their orange belt test last night!!!

Congratulations on your effort paying off.  Your instructors are proud of you!  We take karate seriously, but we also take having fun seriously.  This is a great group of kids that worked hard to reach this level.  Keep it up!


Nova Defense Systems Kenpo Karate
New orange belts


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Everything we do requires effort to have a result that is satisfying and rewarding.  We will only get results equal to what we put in.  Let’s work to be proud of all our efforts, whether it be in karate, school, music, art, other sports, growing our mind, our bodies, or any endeavor.



Anything we begin or strive to do well takes time and effort to complete.  It’s a process. It never happens exactly like we think it will.  Two steps forward.  One step back.  Three steps forward.  Stuck for a bit.  Leap forward.  Ten steps back.  You get the picture.  It’s a process.

Nova Defense PROCESS

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When we are learning a new skill, technique or concept, we won’t be perfect at it  right away.  We need to refine our skills a little bit at a time.  Tighten a fist.  Kick a little higher.  Stand a little straighter.  One thing at a time, we refine ourselves.  Smile a little more.  Eat one less piece of junk food.  Eat one more healthy food a day.  Each little refinement takes us closer to where we want to be.


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This week we talked about gratitude.  It’s simply being and showing the thanks we have to those around us that support and teach and encourage us.  Our teachers at karate and at school pour so much time into us to help us learn and grow.  Our parents take the time to bring us to karate, and other activities, each week.  We don’t have any measure of success in life without the help of someone along the way.  To whom do you need to show gratitude?


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