Nova Defense Systems Instructors
Nova Defense Systems Instructors

At Nova Defense Systems, our karate instructors come from a variety of backgrounds including law enforcement, federal employees, to medical office workers.  We pride ourselves on teaching martial arts not only from a creative, aesthetic, and physical fitness point of view, but also for practical application to life.  Our goal is to give you confidence and skills to be able to handle whatever situation life throws at you.

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At Nova Defense Systems Kenpo Karate, we believe that karate is not just a sport. Each week, we have a Word of the Week (W. O. W.) that we learn and discuss how to implement it into our daily lives.  These words are character traits or success principle concepts.  We want our students to be confident, positive contributors to our world now and as they grow both physically and mentally.  This idea is embodied in our Student Creed.  You can read that here.

If you have any questions about our instructors, classes, leadership & character development, please feel free to stop by during any scheduled class time, or call us at 719-275-7249.  We look forward to meeting you.

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