Women’s Self Defense Class 2024

This self defense class will cover the basics of awareness and prevention of attacks and serious assaults. This class revolves around prevention techniques and becoming aware of your surroundings, how to prevent bad situations from occurring, evasion and escape techniques and effective proven self defense techniques that work. The primary emphasis of this class is focused on learning how to prevent an assault from occurring and escapes, rather than learning how to fight your way out. With this basic understanding, students will learn hands-on techniques to evade an attacker’s movements and how to escape from an attacker’s grasp or control.

The class will cover the following and much more:
 Perceptual awareness (Environmental Awareness)
 Increasing self-awareness and self-projections
 Psychology effects of violence
 Basic Self Defense to stop an attacker fast!
 Evade & Escape techniques
 Verbal skills
 Break Falls and Ground defense & escapes
 Date Rape & Sexual Assault prevention
 Home Security, Travel safety, college safety, School safety and safety in the work place.

We encourage families to study this together. This helps in establishing safety guidelines the whole family can follow together. Yes, this includes husband and sons, as well.

WHEN: Two Saturdays 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., March 23rd and 30th, 2024

COST: $30.00 per person, or $45.00 per family

WHAT: We will be discussing topics that may be intense for some people (Rape, Date Rape, Psychology effects of violence, etc.), as well as learning some basic hands on techniques. Please be mindful of children in class. Those under 18-years-old will need a parent’s permission to attend.

WHERE: 890 Field Ave., Mountain View Core Knowledge School (Gymnasium East Side,
enter from South Street, door # 6) (Nova Defense Systems), Canon City, CO 81212

How do I REGISTER? Start here:

Please enter names and ages of those whom you are registering in comment section below. Each participant under age 18 must have a signed release/registration form, available on the first morning of class.

Students should bring note-taking materials. For questions regarding this training class please call
(719)275-7249 Neal Tyler, or (719) 821-3631 Jennille Spellman.