Perseverance is one of our greatest attributes. Anyone who has become good at what they do had a strong sense of perseverance: they never gave up. They may have faced overwhelming odds and numerous challenges in their life, but they persevered. In working to a goal, a person may be ridiculed and laughed at. Their own success may have been slow in coming, but that is the essence of perseverance: never quitting. When the going gets difficult, hang in there when others did not. Stay focused on the goal you have set for yourself. A person will go through challenging tasks. As a martial artist, we constantly push ourselves to the limit. We’re constantly discovering what we are capable of. To get good at a skill in school takes time and patience, along with hard work. There are no short cuts; a person must put in the effort. Perseverance requires paying attention to the little things we do daily, positive talk when things get tough, but more importantly never giving up!
Discuss this with your parents or other important people in your life and record your
 Why is Perseverance important in my life?

 How can I persevere more in my life?

 Why is it important to have perseverance in today’s world?

 Other thoughts and ideas regarding manners.

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