Respect is one of those things that you must be willing to give to someone before you ever
receive it in return. This can be difficult at times–especially when the other person does not show
respect towards you. Respect is not automatically given because of who you are or what you are.
You must earn it. Remember you are defined by what you do: your actions will always speak
louder than your words. This is true even when the other person does not like you, and you don’t
like them. In fact, it becomes even more important in these situations, as well as more difficult.
Another extremely important aspect of respect is self-respect. How can someone respect you if you don’t
respect yourself? Discuss this with your parents or other important people in your life and record your
answers below.
 How do I show respect even when it is difficult (I may not like the other person and he /
she may not like me)?

 How do I gain respect?

 How can I improve myself respect and why is this important? How do I show it?

 Other thoughts, ideas and discussions with parents, regarding respect

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