Form is the appearance you create and that others see when you do something. More specifically as it pertains to martial arts, it is the image you create when you perform a technique or a kata. When you move with a particular form or action those watching should be able to see what you are doing and admire your actions while doing it. It should be aesthetically pleasing, or enjoyable to watch, for your audience. Katas are often called forms. As you perform each kata, it should be graceful and clear in their meaning and actions. People watching you should be able to see the kick or punch and understand what you are doing as you demonstrate for them.

The question is just how do I do this?
Discuss this with your parents or other important people in your life and record your
 How do develop better form in my studies? What if I’m tired or thinking about something else?

 How can my form help me in my martial arts studies and why is it necessary?

 How can I improve my form?

 Other thoughts, ideas and discussion you have with parents or loved ones regarding my
form after all they are the ones watching you as you train and they have good insight.

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