Honor is a high degree of respect we show one another in the form of some type of distinction. For example, standing when a judge enters the court room etc. This is generally reserved for situations involving a high regard or respect that is shown in some form of special merit or esteem. This can be a great privilege or doing something for a cause bigger than oneself. A person could also be defending one’s honor against slander or other false accusations. A person may be honor bound under obligation by their job or position where a high degree of personal integrity is needed. For example, a political servant who is serving the people and putting their best vested interest and personal ambitions aside to help the people they serve, even though some get lost in their position of power over others. When others loss their honor it becomes even more important that each of us maintain ours.

Discuss this with your parents or other important people in your life and record your
 How do I improve honor in my life? Can I improve my integrity and honesty to boost my

 What is the best way for me to show honor in my life?

 Why is this important to have honor in today’s world?

 Other thoughts and ideas regarding manners.

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